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Drive to Learn

Helping students better understand academic material and to develop a passion for learning through setting short and long term non-academic goals and fulfilling these goals through educational success.

Improve Mindsets

Helping students break down mental barriers through confronting limiting and unconducive mindsets.

Supportive and Responsive Community

We provide platforms where questions and misconceptions can be addressed as soon as possible through group chats.

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

We condition our students for examinations. by emulating the examination conditions, we train our students to be composed during examinations. 

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About The Founder

My name is Wang Ren, founder of Knowledge Bank, an education centre and above all a place where anyone can receive quality education regardless of socio-economic background.

As for me, the path to university was fraught with many obstacles and set backs. At one point, I wasn't sure if I could make it; there were many times when I was told to settle for less, and to give up on my dreams. But in a sense I got lucky; through the support of my family, friends and teachers, things are now looking up and I am currently pursuing a degree in Systems Engineering at NUS.

The one thing that I feel is important in helping one to achieve their dreams is education. Yet sometimes bright young minds lack a proper support system; they are denied the opportunity to seek help due to financial barriers.

In an interview with CNA, Associate Professor Teo You Yenn, author of 'This is what Inequality Looks Like', said that meritocracy, a reward-based system, is one worth revising, because it assumes that everyone starts off on an equal footing, with those who produce the best results at the end of the day deserving of more rewards.

Like Dr Teo, we at Knowledge Bank do not believe that everyone starts off on an equal footing, and that certain students start off less privileged and need that extra help. Basic resources, like tuition, should be made available to all. That way, a healthy system can help enable them to succeed.

And this was why I, along with a dedicated team of university undergraduates, started Knowledge Bank.

I started planning for Knowledge Bank in 2015 and believe that it will help the underprivileged, young individuals to strive to a better future. But more than anything, it provides an affordable platform where anyone can come and learn.


I feel sir Wang Ren's teaching style is very appropriate. He is able to give us work that is ahead of our school work and making school work tremendously easier.


He is able to give us very appropriate workload. For example, he was able to get past year common 4 test papers before our exams. This helped me get an A1 for my Maths (which has actually been a recurring grade since Secondary 2 when I first joined). Even if his class is very effective, he is able to make it a fun one.


Every now and then he would crack jokes for us and we would play games. This makes learning math extremely fun and I always look forward to my weekly Saturday lessons!

He does his best to patiently and clearly explain queries that I have regarding mathematics. 



I came to Secondary 1, with a poor foundation of mathematics. Fortunately, I got to know and get tutored by Mr Wang Ren. 


Since he started teaching me, he has used many different methods to get me interested in the subject. His Maths lessons are usually fun and interactive.

Lessons are Alive!"



With his help, I have achieved an

"A" grade for maths instead of an "F".

— Antonio, Secondary 4

— Shadiqin, Secondary 4

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