Upper Pri,Secondary School & JC

To sign up: 
1) Registration Fee - $30
2) 1st Month Fee (Fees are payable at the beginning of the month)
3) One time one month deposit of a monthly total payable sum before the start of any services  (will be reimbursed unless there is any unpaid existing fees)
Special Rates for students under Student Financial Scheme

Schedule (Queen's Road)

Programmes (may differ, depending on the location of centre)

Upper Primary School -2 hours

Available subjects: Mathematics and Science

Lessons will be conducted weekly

Lower Secondary School -  2 hours
Available subjects: Mathematics, Science, English Language, and Chinese Language

Lessons will be conducted weekly

Upper Secondary School - 2 hours

Available subjects: Social Studies, A and E Mathematics, Sciences, English Language, Chinese Language

Lessons will be conducted weekly

Junior College - 2 hours

Available subjects: H1 & H2 Econs, H1 & H2 Maths,                      H1 & H2 Physics, H1 & H2 Chemistry

Lessons will be conducted weekly


Crash Course & Holiday Programme 

Focusing on major examination like 'A' level, 'O' level ,etc

Lessons will be conducted seasonally

Focus Training

For students facing concentration difficulties

Stress and Exam Management Training

For students who face difficulty handling examination stress and managing time during examinations.


Using basic mathematical logic to program in C Language

Intensive Revision Courses

This course aims to help students who:

  • are scoring below 50 marks for their tests

  • are feeling disappointed by their grades

  • wants to start revising early and be prepared

  • need to revise the key concepts

  • wish to develop the thinking process to tackle different questions

Using our exclusive notes and worksheets, we will cover all topics students are weak at, tackling all their problems at the root. 

What students will get during this course:

  • Revise and strengthen basics for each topics. 

  • Tackle their learning issue that prevents them from doing well.                          


Junior College A Level Course
Location: #02-111

Date: Week 1 and week 2 of June holiday




JC Maths

Date: 31th May - 4th June, 7th June - 11 June

Time: 6pm to 10pm

All topics will be covered on weekdays during the 2 weeks duration.

Date: 7th June - 11 June

General Papers

Monday: Essay Topics Discussions

Tue: Correcting Essay structures/ AQ Discussions

Wed: Short Answer Qn + Summary + Correcting AQ structures / Essay Discussions

Thu: Essay Structures/AQ Discussions

Fri: SAQ + Summary + Correcting AQ structures/ Final discussion on examples




Week 1

Social Studies

Date: 31th May - 4th June

Time: 4 - 6 PM

Monday: Exploring Citizenship and Governance

Tuesday: Living with Diversity

Wednesday: Globalisation

Thursday: SBQ Skill Sets (Source Based Qn Skill Sets)

Friday: SRQ (Structured Response Qn Skill Sets)



Date: 31th May - 4th June

Time: 6 - 8PM

Monday: League of Nations/Treaty of Versailles + Stalin + Hitler

Tuesday: Japan + Beginning Cold War

Wed: Cuban Missile Crisis + Korean War + End of Cold War

Thu: SBQ Skill Sets

Fri: SEQ Skill Sets (Selected Topics)


Week 2


Date: 7th June - 11 June

Time: 1-3PM

Monday: Letter Writing 

Tuesday: Argumentative Essay 

Wed: Oral

Thu: English Comprehension Text 2 Skill Sets

Fri: English Comprehension Text 1 + 3 Skill Sets


Date: 7th June - 11 June

Time: 3-5PM

Monday: Weather and Climate + Tourism

Tuesday: Plate Tectonics + Food

Wednesday: Geographical Investigation

Thu: Structured Questions Skill Sets (Selected Topics)

Fri: Structured Questions Skill Sets (Selected Topics)

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