Open house on the 23rd Nov 2019

Who: Pri Sch, Sec Sch, JC students
When: 23rd Nov (Sat), 12noon to 5pm
Where: Peace Centre #07-23 (Nearest MRT Stations: Dhoby Ghaut, Bencoolen, Little India)
Subjects: We offer lessons for a variety of subjects, including Maths, Science, Social Studies, History and more. They are suitable for students from different streams (NT/NA/Exp)


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Upper Pri,Secondary School & JC

To sign up: 
1) Registration Fee - $30
2) 1st Month Fee (Fees are payable at the beginning of the month)
3) One time one month deposit before the start of any services  (will be reimbursed unless there is any unpaid existing fees)
Special Rates for students under Student Financial Scheme


Upper Primary School -2 hours

Available subjects: Mathematics and Science

Lessons will be conducted weekly

Lower Secondary School -  2 hours
Available subjects Mathematics and Science

Lessons will be conducted weekly


Upper Secondary School - 2 hours

Available subjects: Social Studies, A and E Mathematics, Science

Lessons will be conducted weekly

Junior College - 2 hours

Available subjects: H1 & H2 Econs, H1 & H2 Maths,                      H1 & H2 Physics, H1 & H2 Chemistry

Lessons will be conducted weekly


Crash Course & Holiday Programme - OPEN FOR REGISTRATION FOR JUNE 2019

Focusing on major examination like 'A' level, 'O' level ,etc

Lessons will be conducted seasonally

Intensive Revision Courses

Available subjects: JC A Level Mathematics
                                                     Secondary School O Level Mathematics

This course aims to help students who:

  • are scoring below 50 marks for their tests

  • are feeling disappointed and unmotivated by their grades

  • wants to start revising early and be prepared

  • need to revise the key mathematics concepts

  • wish to develop the thinking process to tackle different questions

Using our exclusive notes and worksheets, we will cover all topics students are weak at, tackling all their problems at the root. 

What students will get during this course:

  • Concise and exclusive notes from our team of tutors

  • Specially curated practice papers that contains questions most likely to be tested

  • 100+  sample questions to make sure they are familiar with concepts

  • Motivational stories to inspire them

  • Counseling services if needed for the students                                   

  • Clear all doubts about concepts they do not understand


Junior College A Level Course
: Peace Centre

Dates: 10th June - 21st June


Total Duration: 20 hours

Price: $50 per hour ($20 per hour for early birds!).


Secondary School O Level Course

Location: Peace Centre

Dates: 10th June - 21st June

Timing: 1-3pm, 7-9pm (To attend one session a day)

Total Duration: 20 hours

Price: $40 per hour ($10 per hour for early birds!).

**Terms and conditions apply.