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1) Hung Wing
Promoted from Sec 1 N(T) in 2020 to Sec 2 N(A) in 2021, and then 3 Express in 2022 with Knowledge Bank to being eligible for Junior College in 'O' Level 2023.

Subjects taken with Knowledge Bank:

English, Chinese, Mathematics, Science, Geography

2) Shao Wei - 'O' Level 2021
English - C6 to A2
E Maths - B4 to A1
A Maths - F9 to A2
Combined Science (Phy/Chem) - B3 to A1
Combined Humanities (Geog/SS) - E8 to A1

Check out Hung Wing's Journey from N(T) to Express! ^

1) Antonio.jpg




4) Antonio

I find Knowledge Bank helpful. The reason why I find Knowledge Bank helpful is, of course, because it enabled me to improve my grades to a great extent, improving my E math grade from D7 to A1 in a matter of only 6 months (in my Secondary 2 year). And now, my E math grade has been constantly A1 for the past 2 years.

I would most definitely recommend Knowledge Bank to my friends. I find Knowledge Bank’s teaching style being very well-versed, being able to help students based on their own personal weaknesses and thus, improve the student’s foundation. Furthermore, Knowledge Bank is a good place to make friends, everyone here has such friendly faces! Even the teachers!


My favourite thing coming to Knowledge Back is the people here. I will always enjoy my time here as everyone one here just very nice and helpful.


5) Jade - Raw L1R5 = 6 for GCE 'O' Level 2022




6) Yanting

Having only joining KB after its June Holiday Intensive programme, I have seen an improvement in my Math (grades) thus far (It has only been 2 months). With the concise notes and different practice papers/questions provided, it has allowed me to consolidate what I’ve learnt better and apply it to the right questions accordingly.


I would recommend it to my peers, especially those who are still struggling to find a teacher who is able to guide you through patiently. Not only are the teachers here really selfless, everyone here is really nice and motivating if you ever need an extra push =)


The people and it’s conducive environment (that makes it stress free!)

-Yan Ting

7) Lucas (2022 GCE 'A' Level Private Candidate)

Maths - From E to C; General Paper - From C to B, Phyiscs - From E to C






8) Linh Anh



9) Hao Cheng







10) Hai Nam



11) Shadiqin

During the period I have been with KB, I have reached great heights with my math and sciences results. From 5% to 80% for my math after a few sessions. I found that KB has helped me significantly. KB tutors have gone an extra mile, having extra lessons in the week and gave me a different point of view of the question.

2. I would definitely recommend KB to my friends, I would like to help my friends improve as well.

3. My favourite thing about coming to KB would be the company and the tutors, they provide me with great notes and explanations.





9) Shadiqin.jpeg
3) Yan Ting.jpeg

12) Gerome

1. I have seen significant improvement in my Chemistry as well as my Mathematics since joining KB. I find that after going for regular Chemistry and Mathematics tuition classes at KB, my grasp on key concepts have been reinforced as I am able to understand the fundamentals of certain topics which makes me feel more confident in my ability to answer questions effectively.

2. I would recommend KB to my friends. This is because I find that the learning environment in KB is very personalized and welcoming compared to other tuitions where its run more like a business rather than KB which focuses on cultivating and nurturing the potential of their students with a friendly and accommodating approach.

3.  My favourite thing about KB is the friendly teachers that act more like a mentor as well as a friend instead of being just a tuition teacher. This makes me look forward to attending tuition and also allows me to work better with the teachers in order to learn and improve efficiently.

10 Gerome .jpeg

3) Wei Cheng

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